Over 50? Start Walking!

Walking is super healthy. In fact, our London chiropractor believes that walking is like a medication that all health professionals should be prescribing to their patients.  What’s surprising is just how beneficial regular walking can be – especially to those over 50. Various research has shown that daily walking can help to prevent heart disease and diabetes and help to relieve back pain. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve quality of life.

According to our London chiropractor, attending a clinic and doing back-strengthening exercises on special equipment is the equivalent of walking for 20-40 minutes, three times a week. Both would strengthen the same muscles. Walking is the single best exercise that can be recommended on a large scale.

Remember that three 10-minute walks have the same health benefits of one 30-minute walk. If getting all your steps in one go seems daunting, split your walking sessions up into smaller fragments.

Put one foot in front of the other and walk your way to better health today.