Amazing Things About Your Spine

We think the spine is incredible here at MotionBack. And who said it can’t be a fun thing to talk about?

Here is some spine trivia we think is worth sharing:

  • Your coccyx gets his name from its resemblance to the beak of a cuckoo bird.
  • The space between our spinal discs gets smaller as we age. That is why some people lose an inch or two in height during their later years.
  • About 10% of the population has a sixth lumbar vertebra.
  • If it wasn’t for our spines, we wouldn’t be able to bend, walk or dance!
  • Despite the size difference, we actually have the same amount of vertebrae in our necks as giraffes!

The more the know about the spine, you more you can appreciate just how amazing it is!

Look after your back bone. It needs to be healthy to be able to look after you!