An increase in neck and back pain in under 30s due to the ever increasing use of electronic devices

An increasing number of under 30’s are suffering from neck and back pain. The levels of sufferers in the 16-24 age group has dramatically increased in recent years, according to a survey done by the British Chiropractic Association.

As a leading London chiropractor we have seen this increase as well. For an age group not normally associated with these pains this increase is worrying.

 New technology, new lifestyles

It seems that the increase in young adults has come as a direct result to new technology and the impacts it has on our lives.

Not that long ago access to computers, the internet and digital devices was a lot more restricted than it is today. Even 5 years ago mobile technology was not so easily accessible. Now however young people are constantly surrounded by screens.

This it seems is having a negative effect on their backs and necks. The average day in the life of a young adult might now consist of waking up and looking at their phones or tablets, going to work or school and looking at their phones, working at a desk and looking at a screen and then going home to look at their screens or TVs.

All of this digital activity is making young adults look down more, hunched over and practising poor form and posture.

You can read more about the problem here.

What to do about it

 As a leading central London chiropractor it is our duty and our job to realise the problems. It is also our duty and our job to find solutions for our problems. The realistic solution is of course to make minor changes in our lives rather than radical ones.

The advice from our busy London chiropractic clinic is as follows;

Cut out the night time and morning phone routine – Ok so this one might sound a bit radical at first but it isn’t really. All you have to do is stop looking at your phone in bed. It is bad for you body and probably bad for your sleep. It isn’t hard, you don’t do important work during this moment, you’re just social surfing. Cut it out and feel the benefits.

Sit properly – When you’re on the bus, in the car, on the train or in work please ensure your posture is good. Sit up straight and don’t twist your back.

Stop hunching – It is inevitable that you will use mobile technology throughout the day, when you are using it please try your best to stop hunching over your phone or tablet. This will cause shoulder and neck pain.  Remember to sit up straight.

Finally the hardest task is to try your best to reduce the time spent on mobile devices and slouching on the couch.

If you’re suffering from back pain and you want further advice, examination and consultation please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us at our London chiropractic clinic; our team would love to help.