Are Ant and Dec to Blame for Your Back Pain? Stay Safe In Front of the Box with Tops Tips from Leading London Chiropractor!

slouching causes visits to London chiropractorThe long, dark evenings have set in and it’s that time of year again when all we want to do is cuddle up in the warmth of our living rooms and relax in front of our favourite television shows. Yep, Ant and Dec have endured the stifling heat of the Australian jungle and the contestants on this year’s Strictly may be practicing their Fox Trots for hours on end, but we’re just happy to sit back and watch.

For many of us Brits, the idea of spending the winter evenings glued to the TV can seem like domestic bliss as the colder weather gives an excuse for some much-needed “downtime”. But according to our leading London chiropractor, the health risks of doing so are far less appealing.

What’s even more concerning is that some people watch their favourite shows slumped at the edge of their seats; as they closely follow a thickening plot or become engrossed in a nail-biting reality results show. Our leading team of London chiropractors warn that this kind of poor posture can cause pain, stiffness and other symptoms which often go unrecognised until later on in many patients’ lives. Furthermore, young, fit and healthy TV fans may not even be aware of the damage they are causing to their backs and necks while they relax in front of their favourite shows.

Here are three top tips, straight from our renowned Chiropractor in London, to ensure you stay safe in front of the TV this winter:

1: Get Up and Move!

Remember to stand up and move around and keep active during the ad breaks. Modern technology, with all its pause, record and catch-up facilities means there is no excuse not to be able to leave your chair and get your body moving – even if you are hooked on what you’re watching!

2: Sit Up Straight.

Bad posture is the cause of many back and neck complaints, so be careful not to slump as you’re watching the television. Make sure your back is fully supported by resting it against the back of your sofa/ chair.

3: Drink Up

Many of us have a tendency to consume more hot drinks during the winter months, but tea and coffee can dehydrate you which can be a contributory factor in muscle aches and pains. Drink water instead of caffeine-rich drinks and avoid alcohol.