Are Your Suffering Frequent Headaches?

It’s not uncommon for any of us to suffer the occasional headache, however, many patients visit our central London Chiropractors at MotionBack as the frequency and severity of their headaches are impacting the quality of their lives.

Many of us will suffer the occasional headache from time to time. However, suffering constant headaches should not be regarded as common.

While taking painkillers may dull the pain of the headaches, it is unlikely to have a lasting effect as the underlying cause of the headaches is not being addressed. Another issue with taking painkillers for headaches is that research has found, taking too many painkillers can cause more headaches!

The term headache is a symptom of an underlying cause and not a diagnosis. Many different conditions can cause a headache. Most of these conditions result in sever pain, however, some (very few) are serious. In order to effectively treat your headache symptoms, it is vital to get a diagnosis of the cause of your headache symptoms.

Our London chiropractor explains the different types of headaches that people suffer and how visiting our chiropractic clinic in central London may help. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to produce favourable results for different types of headaches including migraines.


I have been to a few chiropractors in an effort to solve chronic tension and Andy is by far the best. I always look forward to our appointments as he is so lovely, warm and welcoming and has really helped me with the daily chronic headaches and migraines (not to mention the emotional side effects I’ve had as a result) that I’ve experienced for over 3 years- he’s a life saver!! Couldn’t recommend him enough 🙂” Rhyannon J (Google 5-Star Review)


Two Common Forms Of Headaches

In the main there are two common forms of headaches that people experience:

  • Cervicogenic headaches or
  • Migraine and tension headaches


Cervicogenic headaches

This form of headache is caused by irritated joints, muscle spasm and nerve irritation in the neck.


Migraine and tension headaches

These types of headaches are caused by problems in the nervous system. Migraines, in addition to severe pain may also cause other symptoms such as nausea, sickness, dizziness, changes to vision (or smell) as well as hypersensitivity to light and sound.


Thank you very much for all the help, Andy Jenning! This was truly great top qualified experience and so much needed help in emergency circumstances. I came to “Motionback” with some serious problems with my neck and headaches. Andy has helped me to overcome all these issues, and additionally, helped me in improving my posture and well-being. I would highly recommend Andy’s services and this place in general. Thank you again and I will keep is as my home chiropractor clinic!” Mikalai M (Google 5-Star Review)


How Visiting Our Chiropractors In Central London May Help You

If you are suffering frequent headaches and are looking for help to resolve them, the first step is to understand the cause of your headaches.

When you first visit our London chiropractic clinic, our chiropractors will take the time to understand your symptoms. Your chiropractor will undertake a full consultation including your current complaint and any other issues you may wish to discuss. Having collected the necessary information, they will undertake a full physical examination where they will test your nerves, joints and muscles.

If your chiropractor is in a position to diagnose your condition, and no further tests are required, they will explain your problem in detail. This will include how long it will take to resolve it and how to prevent any further occurrence.

Our chiropractors treat each patient as an individual and do not offer prescriptive courses of treatment, therefore the number of visits you will require will be determined by your circumstance.

Our chiropractors have several treatment options for helping patients who suffer from headaches or migraines. These may include chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle changes.


Would highly recommend visiting MotionBack to anyone experiencing back pain or headaches related to bad posture, or if they spend most of their day sitting in front of a laptop. Grateful to Marco for his help, he was happy to explain in detail the issue and his intervention and gave me plenty of tips for maintenance. A life saver!” Viviana S (Google 5-Star Review)


If you are suffering headaches or migraines, our London chiropractors at MotionBack Chiropractic may be able to help you. To book an appointment with one of our experienced team call our clinic on 0207 112 5408 or you can book an appointment online on our website here.