Why Back Pain Is Hard to Diagnose

Living with chronic back pain is frustrating. But it can be completely exasperating when you can’t get a clear diagnosis. But unlike a broken arm or leg, back conditions are not always as straightforward to diagnose. There is usually more than one way to treat a back condition; therefore even achieving a definitive diagnosis doesn’t always dictate the correct treatment plan.

Our London chiropractor explains that is no single medical test that can provide an exact diagnosis for back pain.  In other words, identifying the underlying cause of your back pain may take a variety of tests, examinations and scans. That’s why it’s crucially important that you work closely with a reputable chiropractor or healthcare professional to find the true cause of your back condition.

Don’t accept your back pain as a normal part of your life. There is always a reason for pain – even if you haven’t found it yet.