Back Safe Camping, Caravaning & Motorhoming Advice From Our London Chiropractor

motorhoming back safe advice from our London chiropractorAn increasing number of Brits are spending their summer holidays traveling around the UK, camping, caravanning, and motor homing. These popular activities are a wonderful way to explore the country and discover some exciting new locations.

However, if you haven’t been traveling in a while, there are a few precautions that should be taken, particularly if you have a bad back. In this guide, our London chiropractor shares a few of these precautions, to help you keep your back safe during your next holiday.


Back Safe Camping, Caravaning & Motorhoming

Learn To Lift Objects Correctly

Loading up a car, trailer, or caravan typically involves a lot of heavy lifting. There are usually suitcases, crates of food, and other items which need to be loaded before your journey can commence.

It’s crucial that you take your time and lift these items correctly. If you don’t, you may sustain an injury that forces you to visit a chiropractic clinic in London!

To help you lift objects safely, here is a short summary of correct lifting technique:

  1. Plan ahead before you lift
    Think about what you are lifting, where you will be taking it, and where you will be putting it down. Ensure you have a clear path and are capable of carrying the object for the required distance.
  2. Stand close to the object being lifted
    It’s important to avoid leaning over or bending in an awkward way when picking up objects. Always stand directly in front of the object with your feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Bend your knees when picking the object up
    Keep your back straight as you bend your knees to reach the object. Once you have grasped the object, straighten your knees. Engage your core muscles as you lift to avoid placing excessive strain on your back.
  4. Lift close to your body
    Once you have picked up the object, hold it close to your body rather than at the end of your reach. If the object is heavy, take your time and move carefully. Always move in the direction your feet are facing, instead of twisting your torso. Keep your eyes up to help keep your spine straight.
  5. Get help if necessary
    If you are finding the object slightly heavy to carry, put it down and get help. It’s better to wait for help instead of injuring yourself.


Ensure You Will Be Sleeping In Comfort

Many of the patients visiting our London chiropractor clinic for the first time have back pain caused by issues relating to their sleep. Either they have a poor quality mattress or poor sleep hygiene (unhealthy sleep habits).

When you go camping or caravanning, spend a little more money to get yourself a comfortable mattress. This investment may help you maintain the health of your back and avoid unnecessary trips to a chiropractor!


Don’t carry too much gear on your back

It’s amazing how quickly your backpack can fill up when you are planning a camping trip. Clothes, food, blankets, tents, and other items fill a pack quickly and can weigh a ton.

Unfortunately, a heavily loaded backpack can place significant strain on your back. Avoid this problem by only including essential items in your backpack. You can also use multiple backpacks — a day pack for hiking and a large pack which is only carried from the car to a nearby camping area.


Limit time in the driving seat

Exploring the country in a motorhome or caravan can be quite addictive. You might find yourself in the driver’s seat for several hours as you discover parts of the UK you have never seen before.

However, it’s important to limit your time sitting down as it can compress your spine and cause back pain. Make an effort to pull over for a break every couple of hours. Stretch your legs and stretch your back out.

Our London chiropractors can advise you of stretches which will help you maintain good back health.


Get a chiropractic check-up before you go

If you haven’t travelled for a while, it’s a good idea to visit a chiropractor for a check-up. They will assess the health of your spine and identify any misalignments which may cause back pain or impair your mobility.

If they diagnose any problems with your spine, they can deliver a combination of chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, and lifestyle advice to address them. This will help you ensure your back is in great shape and prepared for traveling.


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