Back Safe Travelling This Summer

Whether your hopping on a plane, jumping on a train or driving in your car to reach your holiday destination our chiropractors encourage you to take care of your back. In our last post our chiropractors at Motionback Chiropractic Clinic in Holborn shared their advice to keep your back safe when flying. In this post they want to share more general advice to help you to keep your back safe when travelling.

Keep moving: Avoid stiffness by keeping your body moving. Even in a confined space there are simple exercises you can do such as shoulder shrugs and foot circles that will help.

Take regular breaks: Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Get up and move on a regular basis. If you are driving allow time to take breaks at least every two hours to  take the opportunity to get out of the car and walk around this will also help avoid drowsiness.

Avoid awkward positions: It’s easy to find ourselves putting our bodies into awkward positions to try and get comfortable when travelling, however, this can lead to problems. Be mindful of the position your are putting your body in. Maintaining a good seated position will help your back in the long run.

Keep hydrated: It’s important to your overall health to maintain good levels of hydration in your body and this applies to the health of your spine. Drink plenty of water.

Get moving on reaching your destination: To help prevent stiffness get moving as quickly as possible on reaching your destination.

Travel safe and healthily this summer.