BackStrong Adventures is special shares our London Chiropractor

backstrongAt our busy London Chiropractors clinic we come across all sorts of people. Whether they’re patients of ours or someone we have just come across we do encounter so many different types of people.

Some people are out of work through pain, others have minor problems and some are inspirational.

One person we’re aware of who is quite special is, Gillian Fowler and her project, ‘Backstrong Adventures’.

What is ‘Backstrong Adventures’ and why it is so special?

BackStrong Adventures specialise in offering outdoor adventures, so that everyone can realise their dream of achieving a personal goal while also creating long lasting memories.  Their experiences are for anyone with an adventurous spirit and they especially welcome injuries from those suffering from injuries, depression, trauma, bereavement, disability and any other life changing ailment.  They want to encourage people not to give up when life is hard, to set goals and believe in their ability – with training and determination; you can achieve your dreams”.

It was founded by Gillian Fowler who herself experienced some very difficult circumstances after breaking her back in a horse riding accident in 2008.

She has since fought long and hard to improve her condition and get back to a certain level of fitness and strength that allows her to take on incredible challenges. It’s never easy anymore for her but she learnt how to adapt to her new limitations and it’s this attitude and determination which drives her work with BackStrong Adventure.

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