Is the Buggy to Blame for Your Back Pain?

Pushing your bundle of joy in their buggy or pram may seem like a relatively straightforward task. According to our London chiropractor, however, many mums and dads are putting their backs at risk by pushing their prams incorrectly.

Lower back pain is a common complaint among parents of young children, and the way in which these parents push their prams is often a contributory factor.  The “head down, bending over” position that many parents take to push a heavy pram (especially uphill) can wreck havoc on the lower spine.

In order to protect your back while pushing your pram – or to help reduce any existing back pain – our London chiropractor recommends that you focus on standing tall and keeping your hips as close to the pram as possible. Whether you’re carting your baby up a precipitous hill or you’re embarking on a casual stroll, your back will reap the benefits.