Bust Muscle Pain at Home

Unfortunately, most of us haven’t got a chiropractor on 24/7 demand for when those aches and niggles strike without warning. But you can have round the clock massage tools at your disposal – and they won’t cost you a single penny.

Here our London chiropractor reveals some safe and simple self-massage tips:

Using a foam roller will allow you to exert more pressure and it’s easier on your hands and thumbs.

Stretches are just as good as massage for lengthening muscles. Hold stretches for around 30 seconds to lengthen each muscle group.

Use massage balm or massage lotion rather than oil. Oil tends to be messy and it’s tricky to wipe off when you’ve finished.

Focus on massaging trigger points or “knots” in your muscles. These usually feel harder than normal muscles and will be tender to touch.

Warm muscles are typically easier to loosen up than cold muscles, so it may be helpful to massage yourself in a warm environment, such as a bath.