Can a Chiropractor Help With Hip Pain?

Most of us don’t think of our hips as a key playing body part but they actually serve extremely important functions. On top of keeping us upright, they allow us to bear weight, walk, run and jump. Our London chiropractor explains that because our hips are engaged in almost every way we move, hip pain can often have debilitating effects.  Chiropractic treatment can help identify the cause of hip pain and offer a relieving treatment plan.

After a careful examination, a chiropractor will create a bespoke treatment plan to help alleviate the symptoms of your hip pain and work towards restoring you back to health. This may include chiropractic adjustments, stretching, massage, posture correction and exercise therapy. These treatments will usually work towards reducing inflammation, relaxing muscle spasms, strengthening weak muscles and improving joint mobility.

Don’t ignore your hip pain. A good chiropractor may be the key to becoming pain-free!