Can a chiropractor help with sports injuries? London Chiropractor Motionback can

Exercising and playing sports regularly is a fantastic way of keeping fit and socialising with friends. As a busy London Chiropractor I always make a point of encouraging a healthy lifestyle to all of my patients.

Exercising is nearly always seen as a positive thing; however, there are always negative points too. The one main problem with sporting activities is that you can sustain a sporting injury.

Sporting injuries can cause many people a lot of pain and discomfort, maybe not always straight away but sometimes later on in life and it is important that we look after ourselves.

Being a skilled London Chiropractor I believe in staying fit, warming up/stretching and knowing your exercise limits in order to avoid injuries. However, even taking these precautions, injuries can still happen. As a busy London Chiropractor I get asked many questions about sporting injuries and consequently the treatment for these injuries.

Overuse injuries are sustained as a result of repetitive actions being undertaken. This type of injury is common amongst runners, cyclists, people who do yoga, as well as those playing sports like golf, tennis or bowling.

The treatment for any sporting injury will depend upon the degree of damage sustained by the patient and the type of injury sustained. We also take into account the patient’s age.

After a visit to my chiropractic clinic in London we would assess you and start you on a recovery programme using our expertise and knowledge.

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