Can You Control Your Pain Threshold?

Up to 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point or another during our lives. But why is it that a pain that some of us find excruciating comes as just an annoyance or a “niggle” to others? Are you born with a certain level of tolerance to pain or is it something that you’re able to control?

Our London chiropractor suggests that while certain biological factors play a part in how well you’re able to cope with pain, your pain threshold may also be influenced by your physical health and emotions. An athlete is likely to be able to deal with a higher level of pain than a person who doesn’t exercise, for example. You may find you have a lower threshold for pain if you’re a smoker and your pain threshold may also be affected if you suffer from depression, stress or anxiety.

The good news is that while we can’t alter our biology, we can change the external factors that may partly determine how well we handle pain.