Can The January Blues Cause Back Pain?

It’s that time of year when for many, the blues are setting in. But did you know that your low mood can make you feel more than just a little under the weather? According to our London chiropractor, winter time is the most common season for back pain flare-ups, especially in those who cave in to the temptation of slouching in front of the TV on those long, dark evenings.

Pain and depression are also closely related. And of course, January is infamous for worsening or even causing depressive symptoms. Sometimes pain and depression cause a vicious cycle in which pain worsens symptoms of depression, and then the depression worsens feelings of pain.

In some people, depression can even cause unexplained physical symptoms such as back pain, neck pain or headaches.

It’s important that you are aware of the link between your mood, how you respond to your feelings and your pain. The more knowledge you have, the more power you hold over your symptoms.