Chiropractic Awareness Week focuses on looking after your spine in the office

There is no doubting that modern society has become a sedentary society. Gone are the days where millions of us worked in fields, mines, factories and in production. Now we’re working in the service sector, offices and call centres.

This means we are sat down for more of the day than we have ever been before, and it is taking its toll. As a London Chiropractor we are definitely seeing the effects. With almost 4 in 5 people suffering or have suffered from neck and back pain it is clear to see something has changed.

Problems with the sedentary work life

You can spend as many hours in work as you do sleeping every day. If you have an office or desk job you will be sat down for the majority of this time. This could mean sitting down hunched over a computer for hours at a time.

This isn’t good for the human body; it isn’t what it was designed for. There are many problems caused by inactivity for this length of time, such as build up of fat and a lead to obesity and negative effects on your health. From a leading London Chiropractor’s view however we are concerned with the negative effect on the spine.

Sitting down all day, hunched over your desk with poor posture can cause major problems that will result in back pain.

London Chiropractor looks at caring for your spine in the office

Don’t worry though, we are here to help. Being a successful London Chiropractor we want to offer you three pieces of important advice. If you follow these simple ideas and make minor changes to your sedentary lifestyle you should avoid painful neck and back injuries, aches and strains.

  • Get up – An average working day in an office is around 8 hours. In addition to this length of time, people generally seem to be very busy with little time to get up, walk about and go out for lunch. Please stop doing this. It is really important that you take regular breaks throughout your working day and get up. Maybe go make a tea or coffee, go for a brief walk around the office, or take an errand. Whatever you do, get up, take breaks and move around. Do this every 40 minutes or so.


  • Straighten up – No matter how often you take breaks you will of course have to sit down at some point and do work. This isn’t a problem if you sit properly. Being a busy London Chiropractor clinic we are all too aware that poor posture leads to back pain. So get your posture right, make sure your bottom is against the seat back, keep your arms forming an L shape at the elbow joint and make sure your feet rest flat on the floor.


  • Line up – On a similar note to posture, it is important you line up straight to your workstation. The majority of you office workers out there this means the computer. Please ensure that your screen is directly in front of you and that your eye level is in line with the top of your monitor

If you follow the three pieces of advice and make the minor adjustments to your sedentary office life you will do a great deal to avoid neck and back pains and enjoy work and life more. If you feel you want further advice or need a visit to one of our central London chiropractor clinics, please get in touch or call in.