Christmas Has Arrived! But Is It Too Early for this London Chiropractor?

It’s not uncommon for a London chiropractor to treat ‘festive injuries’ in the lead up to Christmas. Overdoing the dance moves at Christmas parties (we’ve all been there!), lifting heavy presents and even decorating the house (you’d be surprised how many Santa-playing dads strain their backs while putting the trimmings up!), can all prompt a visit to the chiropractor.

But Christmas is a while away yet, isn’t it? Not according to Oxford Street!

It seems that London couldn’t wait to go Christmas-crazy this year; hosting their famous “switching on the Christmas lights” on the 1st November (the earliest date on record for Oxford Street!)! The Halloween pumpkins are barely stale, leftover fireworks from bonfire night are still lighting up the evenings’ skies and London’s most extravagant Christmas lights have already been twinkling for over a week!

Maybe we should join the early festivities and be the first London chiropractor to ‘deck the halls with bells and holly’ this year. On second thoughts, maybe we’ll give our backs a few weeks’ more rest first…

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