Common Exercise Injuries And How To Avoid Them

exercise injuries treated at motionback london chiropractorAs a busy London chiropractic clinic, we will see dozens of patients who have injured themselves while exercising each month. They seek out chiropractic care to resolve muscular pain, inflammation, joint problems, back pain, or a combination of these issues.

When we talk to each patient, we ask them to explain how they injured themselves. This helps us understand the type of injury they have suffered and the chiropractic treatment which is most appropriate.

In this article, our London chiropractor shares the most common causes of exercise-related injuries we have seen and how to avoid them.


The Most Common Exercise Injuries

#1 Strained Muscles

Each week, we will treat several patients with strained muscles at our chiropractic clinic. In most cases, they have injured themselves by overdoing their workouts, failing to warm up correctly, or by performing a workout that targeted an underdeveloped muscle group.

Avoid strained muscles by warming up for at least 5-10 minutes before a workout and by gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts instead of overdoing it. Soft tissue therapy is a great way to treat muscles strains.


#2 Lower back pain

Lower back pain is one the most common ailments we treat at out London chiropractic clinic. There are several causes of exercise-related lower back pain, including muscle strains in the lower back, bulging discs, and herniated discs. Spondylolysis and acute compression fractures of vertebrae are also common amongst individuals lifting heavy weights during their workouts.

The best way to avoid lower back pain is to warm up correctly, use good form when lifting weights, and to only lift weights you can safely handle. It’s also important to understand how strong your back is and if there are pre-existing conditions or weakness in your back muscles.


#3 Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is one of the most anatomically complex parts of the human body. It consists of several joints working in unison to facilitate a variety of movements.

Injuries involving the rotator cuff are quite common, along with pinched nerves and glenoid labrum tears. To avoid these injuries, work on strengthening the muscles that support the shoulder joint and avoid working out when your shoulder is inflamed or sore.

It’s also better to give your shoulder time to heal when soreness is present, instead of attempting to push through pain.


#4 Knee Pain

The knees tend to take a lot of punishment during exercise, particularly if you are a runner, cyclist, or weightlifter. Sports involving physical contact or sudden changes in direction (like football, basketball, or rugby) are also responsible for many knee injuries.

The most common knee injuries our London chiropractors see include ligament strains or tears, inflammation, cartilage injuries, and sprains. Fortunately, knee problems usually respond well to chiropractic treatment and soft tissue therapy.


#5 Hip Injuries

We regularly see hip problems in older patients visiting our chiropractic clinic. They are also common in individuals with sedentary lifestyles, as prolonged sitting can affect the hip flexors and make them prone to injury.

Some of the hip injuries we frequently see include hip impingement, hip flexor strains, gluteal tendinopathy, and piriformis syndrome. These conditions typically respond well to a combination of lifestyle adjustments, manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, and range of motion exercises.

Proper stretching and developing a balanced exercise regime is the key to avoiding hip injuries.


#6 Elbow Pain

Our clinic treats many patients with elbow injuries like lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and other repetitive strain injuries. These injuries are often caused by overuse, poor form, and excessive weight.

Fortunately, the elbow is one of the most resilient joints and responds well to treatment. Chiropractic treatment, mobility exercises, and soft tissue therapy all work well.

In many cases, simply avoiding the activity that caused the injury for a few weeks will give your body time to heal on its own. Avoid these injuries by improving your form and avoiding excessively heavy weights.      


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