Is your commute a pain in the neck? Research suggests it might be shares our Central London Chiropractor

Most of us, who are working, have to entail the dreaded daily commute. Whether it’s by train or car, it can leave you feeling quite stressed and often with neck, back or muscle pain.

A recent survey has found that 19% of the UK workforce feels that their daily commute is leaving them with pain. This survey that was carried out by BUPA has found that car drivers are the most affected, with 64% saying that their journey leaves them in discomfort.

It has been found that driving remains a main common trigger of back pain, as many commuters are spending a significant time sitting down, be it at work or in the car.

As a leading Central London Chiropractor we would like to share this advice to keeping your back safe when commuting.

  •  Relax. Driving in a relaxed position reduces stress on the spine
  • Make sure you set your mirrors in the correct positions before you drive off, to reduce straining your neck to see
  • Avoid wearing high heels or thick soled shoes as this puts stress on your ankles when pressing on the pedals
  • Make sure your seatbelt lies across the top of your shoulder and should never rub against your neck

Always make sure you allow plenty of time to get to work too, to avoid a stressful journey.

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