Is Your Desk Job Slowly Killing You?

Most of us know that inactivity is a leading cause of back pain, but many of us will be shocked to discover that it’s also highly linked to premature death. A recent study published by the Lancet* highlighted that inactivity is linked to 5.3 million deaths globally a year – compared with 5.1 million linked to smoking!

Our chiropractor in London warns that sitting down for long periods of time at work and watching excessive amounts of TV are known contributors to heart attacks, diabetes and even some cancers. However, just an hour’s brisk exercise each day can significantly help to prevent these dangerous health risks.

According to research, our chiropractor advises, people who sit for eight hours or day, but still undertake regular physical activity have a significantly lower risk of premature death compared with those who sit less but exercise less.

It’s all about offsetting the health risks of physical inactivity – and an hour’s exercise per day can do just that.