Did you know that modern chiropractic can be traced back to 1895 shares our London chiropractor

Being a leading London chiropractor I am very proud of my work and my profession. We treat hundreds of people and relieve them of sometimes agonising pain. The pride in the work comes from years of full-time training and a history of treatment which goes back over 100 years.

The brief history of chiropractic treatment

Whilst there are written record of ancient Greek and Chinese civilizations referring to spinal manipulation and treatment, modern chiropractic treatment can be traced back a lot closer.

It was 1885 when the Canadian David Palmer first performed a chiropractic adjustment. He later founded the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Iowa in 1897 and the practice grew from there.

It wasn’t until the 20th century chiropractic treatment really grew and took off as a profession. It started gaining recognition and respect in the medical professions for the place it has taken in the primary care environment.

As a leading London Chiropractor I am proud of its brief yet influential history and its unique position today as a medical profession.