Don’t forget to Straighten Up

Whether sitting watching telly, at your favourite festival or watching the Tennis on Henman Hill don’t forget to straighten up – take a break and so some stretches.

Why not incorporate Straighten Up programme into your daily routine? We’ve already covered the importance of a daily routine to improve your posture in a previous article we posted recently. You can see the routine we think you should try out below;

Warm up

  • Start with the ideal posture, ensure you are standing straight and tall with your head held high
  • Tilting star
  • Twirling star
  • Twisting star

Looking after your posture

  • Trap openers
  • The eagle
  • The humming bird
  • The butterfly

Core balances

  • Tight rope
  • The rocker
  • Extending the sword
  • Shaking loose

For in depth instruction please take a look at the following video