Don’t Let Back Pain Ruin Valentine’s Day!

What happens when your back pain interferes with your romantic plans for Valentine’s Day?

Just because you’re in discomfort, it doesn’t mean date night should go out the window! So here are three great date ideas from our London chiropractor to ensure you and your partner have a February 14th to remember!

1: Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

There’s no better way to warm up your hearts than to reminisce about all the good times you’ve shared as a couple. Dig out your old photos of you and your partner together and create a happiness book.

2: Write a Love Letter

Write a romantic note to each other and read them together as you cuddle up on Valentine’s night. Life often gets in the way of telling those we love how much they really mean. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to open your heart.

3: Arrange a Movie Night

Grab a selection of your favourite movies, get a fluffy snuggle blanket and cuddle up in your own home-made cinema! (Don’t forget to watch your posture!)

Roses are red, violets are blue, your back may hurt, but it doesn’t define you…

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