Don’t Let A Summer Of Sport Hurt Your Back

Summer has arrived early for many of us with temperatures soaring and bbqs blazing. If the sun keeps shining and temperatures stay high this could be one long hot summer to look forward to. We also have a lot of sport to look forward to – for some this is a plus , for others not so much! You name it and about every sport you can think of is covered from the month long football World Cup to England’s cricket team batting it out, if you’re a sport lover there’s something to keep you glued to the TV this summer.

However, all this sitting down watching sport on telly may cause your back some problems. Many people aren’t aware that sitting for prolonged periods can trigger back pain. Sitting incorrectly can put as much pressure on your back as standing. If you’re planning to sit yourself in front of the TV to take in some sport this sumer our London chiropractor at Motionback Chiropractic has this advice for you:

  • Check your posture when you are sitting. Sit upright with your back fully against the back of the chair or sofa and avoid slumping.
  • Stand up frequently and move around. Do this at least every 20 minutes.
  • Take the opportunity during breaks in play e.g. at half time, to move around and do some simple stretches.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and no drinking alcohol does not keep you hydrated!

Enjoy this coming summer of sport and be sure to follow our chiropractor’s advice to keep your back safe.