Drink Safe This Christmas

From Bucks Fizz to Baileys and everything in between, the drinks certainly flow at Christmastime! And while most of us enjoy a tipple or two during the festive season, it’s important that we stay safe in the process.

It’s no secret that medical professionals have to deal with an additional number of alcohol related incidents over the Christmas period. So with that in mind, our London chiropractor has some simple tips on how to have a “merry” Christmas without putting your health at risk.


You’re likely to get drunk more quickly if you consume alcohol on an empty stomach. The answer is simple: have something to eat before you start drinking.

Drink Water  

Space your drinks out and make sure you keep drinking water in between those rounds.  Not only will this benefit you during your night out, but you’re likely to feel better for it the next morning too!

Stay Safe

Plan your journey to and from your party, check for your last bus or train home before you go out and always stay with your group.

Stay safe and have fun this Christmas from all the team at MotionBack!