Easy Ways to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury!

If you work on a computer, you’re probably familiar with risks of developing repetitive strain injury (or RSI).

RSI is a painful (and potentially irreversible) condition that results from damage to muscles, tendons and nerves.

But how can you prevent this from happening to you, especially if your job requires you to spend most of the day typing away at a keyboard?

Here are some effective tips from our London chiropractor:

  • Make sure you work at an ergonomic workstation  – this is probably the biggest improvement you can make.
  • Maintain good posture – your ergonomic workstation will be wasted if you spend the day hunched or slouched over your desk!
  • Check your typing position  – your arms should be comfortably by your sides and your wrists should be straight; allowing your hands to float about the keyboard.
  • Take regular breaks  – stand up, leave your desk and walk around at least once every hour. Not only will this benefit your health, but it will help you to be more productive too.
  • Exercise regularly  – the stronger your muscles are, the less likely they are to become injured.  
  • Relax and unwind – tense muscles are more prone to spasm and injury. If you feel stressed, take a break.

When it comes to RSI, prevention is always better than attempting to find a cure.