Get Active this Summer!

Many people respond to back pain by “taking it easy” or stopping any kind of strenuous activity. While this approach is understandable (not many people feel like being active when they’re in pain after all!), long-term inactivity can actually put the spine’s healing process in jeopardy and worsen back pain. Contrary to what many people would assume, regular exercise is necessary for spine rehabilitation and pain management.

Our London chiropractor explains that exercise plays a major role in distributing vital nutrients to the disc space and soft tissues in the back. In turn, this helps to keep the joints, ligaments, muscles and discs in good health. Regular exercise, therefore, can help back pain patients to avoid weakness and stiffness, minimise recurrences of lower back pain and decrease the severity and duration of future episodes.

With the summer bringing long days, make an extra effort to become active – your back will almost certainly thank you for it.

Note: Contact your chiropractor or medical practitioner before starting any new exercise program and stop any activity immediately should it cause new or worsening pain/ symptoms.