Get Your Back in Shape in January!

Struggling to think of  New Year’s resolution that you can actually stick to in 2018? Ponder no more – make it looking after your spine!

It’s incredibly easy to take better care of your spine, and it usually involves nothing more than practicing better body mechanics when you carry out simple daily tasks.

Our  London chiropractor has jotted down some top tips that you can implement into your daily life. Why wait until the New Year? Start today! Each piece of advice here will reduce your risk of developing back pain.

Lift right

When lifting, stand as close to the object as you can and use the strength of your legs and knees instead of your back.

Sleep well

Sleep is  important to your overall health, and your spine needs a good night’s sleep to properly repair itself. If you can, try to avoid sleeping on your stomach as this can put too much pressure on the spine.

Keep active

The spine is designed to move and nothing sets you up for back pain more than inactivity! Whether you walk, cycle, swim or jog, make physical activity part of your weekly routine.

Here’s to a year of happy and healthy spines!