Get Cycling!

If you’re in or around Covent Garden between the 11th and 19th June then expect to see a flurry of fluorescent clothing, skin-tight outfits and spinning wheels. No, we’re not warning you about some colourful street circus; we’re talking about Bike Week!

Set to attract hundreds of thousands of participants, there is no better way to get your health back on track than by swapping your car journeys for a ride on your bike!

So what’s it’s all about?

Bike Week 2016 has a keen focus on encouraging people to cycle to work and switch to cycling as their first choice of transport. With more and more office workers aware of the health hazards of being inactive for long periods of the day, this year’s event is proving more popular than ever.

Are you going to join in and get your wheels in motion? Our Covent Garden chiropractors hope you do!

You can find out more about Bike Week here:

See you on the cycle path, maybe?