Get out of the office at lunchtime and take a walk suggests our London Chiropractor

For so many of us working conditions are great. We work in air conditioned offices; we have our own desk and comfortable chair. There isn’t a huge danger to our safety at work and we are happy in our lives. However being a busy London Chiropractor I am all too aware of the health risks from working in an office.

Office work, not as safe as you might think

There are all sorts of negative health implications from working in an office. Firstly there is the danger of over eating and a poor diet. We might be tempted by a chocolate bar or packet of crisps as a pick me up from when we are lacking energy. Cake and biscuits are always flying around and it is hard to resist.

Perhaps more worrying for us though is not diet but a sedentary lifestyle. Office work brings an awful lot of sitting down and it is bad for us. It can have effects on our hearts, our blood flow and as a busy London Chiropractor I know it is terrible for our backs.

London chiropractor suggests you go take a walk

Luckily for you, it is not all doom and gloom. There are a few things you could be doing to your health at work but we want to focus on walking.

We strongly advise that you take a walk as much as you can. If you can walk to work, please give it a go. If you have to speak to a colleague, ignore the emails, get up and go over to them. Instead of filling your face with sugary and fatty foods at lunch, take a walk to go get food.

Taking a walk at lunchtime is perhaps the most relative piece of advice to give to all of you. Not everyone can walk to work but everyone in an office gets a lunch break and if you’re working in London there are plenty of parks, squares and gardens to take a look at.

If you want further advice on how to stay healthy during your working hours, please get in touch with us.