Get the most out of walking for your back with advice from our London chiropractor

As leading London Chiropractors we are big fans of walking for health. We often use walking in our advice to patients and you’ll see us write about it a lot here on our website. We’re big fans and today we want to share with you why walking is good for your back and more importantly, how to get the most out of walking for your back.

Why walking is good for your back

Firstly the overall health benefits of walking are great. It keeps you fit and healthy, it burns fat effectively and is good for your mind. If you keep your body and mind in good nick the chances are your back won’t be so bad either, now on to the specifics.

As busy London chiropractors we know that typically the cause of back pain is often a muscle spasm or strain brought on by lifting heavy objects or by inactivity.

Walking is good for your back because it gets you active. It gets your body moving and as humans we’re designed to move. That is why when you walk your brain releases endorphins (the feel good ones) and it also blocks pain out through distraction.

If you practice good posture whilst walking you’ll also strengthen your back and this will reduce the chance of back pain in the future.

How to get the most out of walking for your back

We’ve looked at the why walking is good for your back but not is time for more of the how. As leading London chiropractors we want to share with you some simple advice to get the most out of walking for your back;

  • Walk, not run – Running hammers the body’s joints and can damage your bones. It is still a great fitness activity but walk not run if you have back pain.
  • Start with day to day life – All this means is park at the back of a car park not the front, take the stairs instead of the list, and walk to the shops instead of drive. Before you know it you’ll be walking loads.
  • Don’t stagnate – When you introduce a walking routine it is important you keep increasing the level of difficulty. Add a few minutes extra of walking every time your out and you won’t plateau.
  • Stay hydrated – Your body works better when it is well hydrated. Your back, muscles and joints will be grateful for it and work better.
  • Walk heel to toe – A simple tip but make sure your heel hits the floor first and then push off with your toes. This just ensures you use your natural shock absorbers and walk more efficiently.
  • Use the right footwear – Last but not least make sure your shoes are sensible, they fit well and support you. No heels or plimsolls when going on walks.