Getting ready for a summer of sport – don’t forget to Straighten UP!

Britain is famous for its summer of sports. There always seems to be a great one every year and this year has been no different. We’ve just seen the end of Wimbledon and the first test of the Ashes.

There has been some truly remarkable sport and compelling viewing and we as busy London Chiropractors think that this is great. However we do as always like to urge some caution here, the compelling viewing can actually be the enemy.

You might have ended up sat down all weekend catching some great tennis or cricket and that comes with its problems.

Not to worry though, we have some simple advice for you, straighten up. Take regular breaks and walk around the house, make sure you keep hydrated and that when you are sat down, you are not slouching.

As well as that we can help you improve your posture;

Straighten up!

Warm up

  • Start with the ideal posture, ensure you are standing straight and tall with your head held high
  • Tilting star
  • Twirling star
  • Twisting star

Looking after your posture

  • Trap openers
  • The eagle
  • The humming bird
  • The butterfly

Core balances

  • Tight rope
  • The rocker
  • Extending the sword
  • Shaking loose

For in-depth instructions please take a look at the following video or you can get in touch with our leading London chiropractors and we’ll be glad to help.