Give Your Back Some TLC This Valentine’s Day. Top Tips For a Healthy Back By A Trusted London Chiropractor

It’s the month for love and romance but are you giving your body the TLC it deserves?

When it comes to our backs, many of us only start to properly take care of them when they start to cause pain. Buy why? We wouldn’t wait until our teeth were decayed to start brushing them…

According to our leading London chiropractor, our backs need to be taken care of every single day in order to help prevent pain and maintain normal back health and function. And of course, this is even more important for people who are already suffering from back pain.

So, this Valentine’s Day, give some much needed love to those incredible spinal structures that work so hard for you day in, day out…

1: Start stretching regularly to increase spinal flexibility.
2: Keep well hydrated to reduce inflammation.
3: Keep your spine active and moving by taking part in an enjoyable form of exercise.
4: Try not to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time without a break
5: Maintain a good posture while standing and sitting

Small gestures of love for your back will go a long, long way…