Have You Been Ignoring Your Back Pain? Our London Chiropractor Warns of the Dangers….

At MotionBack, our experienced team of London Chiropractors often deal with patients who have previously left their back pain go untreated. Sometimes, it is only when the pain has become severe or is preventing them from carrying out their usual duties that they seek professional help. And this is extremely worrying for our team of experienced chiropractors in London. Chronic, frequent or severe back pain that is not medically assessed can lead to long-term problems that are more difficult to treat. Putting our aches and pains down to “normal every day niggles” can be a dangerous way of thinking.

A recent survey carried out by the British Chiropractic Association suggests that perhaps back pain is underrated by the nation as a whole. The Survey revealed that almost 50 % of people have never taken proactive measures to look after their backs. * It also showed that around 9.9 million sick days were taken due to pain in 2014 alone!* According to our leading London chiropractors, a number of these absences could well have been avoided if those suffering from back pain sought medical advice and took active steps to manage their conditions.

So how do we lessen the risk of developing back problems and what can we do to manage existing aches and pains?

Our trusted London chiropractor shares the following top tips:
1: Don’t Slouch!

Correct posture is crucial to a healthy back and neck so you should always be mindful of how you sit. Always make sure that your bottom rests against the seat back of your chair and that your shoulder blades touch the back rest. (There should be a slope from your hips to your knees.)

When you’re in your car, tilt your seat backwards a little and check that your elbows are in a relaxed and comfortable position for driving.

2: Keep Moving

Every half an hour, try to alter your position, stretch your muscles and even walk for a few minutes if you are able to. If your job or other commitments prevent you from moving away from your chair, take slow, deep breaths and gently massage the back of your neck and head. This will help to reduce and prevent back pain by improving the flexibility in your spine and enhancing your strength and balance.

3: Walk More Each Day

Think of ways that you can fit in a few more minutes of walking each day. Maybe you could take the stairs instead of riding in the lift or maybe you could park further away from your office and walk the rest of the journey. Small steps make big differences.
* Source: Letter from the Office of National Statistics 2015
1. Office of National Statistics 2015
2. The research was carried out between: 07/01/2015 and 20/01/2015. Sample: 2,127 UK adults aged 18 – 65 on behalf of the British Chiropractic Association.