Have you embraced the sit-stand revolution asks our London Chiropractor

Sitting down all day every day is not good for you. The modern lifestyle of driving to work or sitting on a bus or train to then sit down at a desk all day is unhealthy. As leading London chiropractors we are strongly opinionated that this level of inactivity is bad for the human body; we weren’t designed to be like this.

Problems with sitting down all day

If you sit down all day and lead quite a sedentary lifestyle you risk serious health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

There is a line of research which even claims that high levels of inactivity is worse for your health than overeating.

What is the sit-stand revolution?

Don’t worry though, there is a solution and it doesn’t have to involve a sudden change of career from an IT technician to a farmer.

The solution is the sit-stand work style, otherwise known as active working. It is a popular trend right now but by no means completely new as famously two former Prime Ministers, William Gladstone and Winston Churchill both worked standing up.

Being busy London chiropractors we actively encourage as many of our patients to consider the sit-stand lifestyle. We don’t expect you to stand all day but we certainly don’t want you sitting down all day either.

With a sit-stand desk you can choose to both when appropriate. As well as working stood up for periods of up to 2 hours you should also take regular breaks and walks around the office to keep your body active.