Heading To A Festival This Summer – Take Care of Your Back

Whatever you’re interest there seems to be a festival somewhere across the UK or Europe to cater for it during the summer months. If you are heading off to one this summer then our chiropractor in London has some advice for you to keep your back safe and have fun.

It doesn’t matter what kind of festival it is there’s usually a lot of standing around, sitting on hard surfaces and lugging bags which may be heavy! If you’re heading to the festival for a few days there’s also sleeping on dodgy ground to factor in!

Any one of these can be a potential hazard to your back. Here are our chiropractor’s top tips for a back safe festival visit.

Use a rucksack and distribute your stuff across multiple bags. A rucksuck when carried and adjusted properly is the best option for carrying your stuff. If you do have a lot of stuff then it’s better to split the load evenly across two bags and carry one in each hand.

Wear comfortable footwear and loose, comfortable clothing. It may sound boring but you can expect to be on your feet for quite a bit of time and if your not standing there will probably be a fair bit of walking involved – hence the comfortable shoes.

Check your posture: From time to time check if you are slouching and if you are read adjust your posture. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart will give your back and hips the best support.

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Juice is another option. However, bear in mind that alcohol causes dehydration.

Sleeping under the stars? Before pitching your tent make sure you remove any stones, rocks or sticks. There’s nothing worse than finding your lying on rocks in the early hours of the morning! A good quality camping mat will provide more protection against hard, uneven and possibly damp surfaces. Using a blow up pillow or take your own to support your neck and head.

To keep your back safe follow these tips. Stay safe and have fun.