Could Health Anxiety Be Causing Your Back Pain?

For one reason or another, most of us feel apprehensive about our health from time to time. But for some people, health worries take over everyday life and become a problem in itself.

Health anxiety (or hypochondria) is a condition that causes excessive health fears, to the point where it causes the patient significant distress. Ironically, it can also lead to the development or worsening of physical pain and discomfort, including back pain.

Our London chiropractor explains that anxiety has the ability to drastically increase muscle tension, which increases pain as a result. The back contains a wide range of muscles that are prone to tensing up during times of stress. This can lead to back pain in both the upper and lower back. Of course, people who suffer from health anxiety will typically worry more about the increase in pain, which then causes muscle tension to build up even further.

The line between mental and physical health can often be blurred, so make sure you are getting to the true cause of your back pain.