Holiday Mistakes Your Spine Hates

If you’re about to head off for a week or two of sun, sand and sangria, you probably think your spine is looking forward to your holiday as much as you are. After all, long lazy days on the beach will help to ease any pains you have, right?

Wrong – completely wrong.

According to our London chiropractor, becoming too “relaxed” on holidays could put you in danger of developing back pain or worsening an existing back condition. Of course, your summer holiday should be a time to unwind and de-stress, but do too little and you could return home with extra aches and niggles to go with your sun tan!

To reduce the risk of picking up a back injury on holidays, make sure you do some physical activity every day. This could mean walking to and from the beach instead of taking the bus or breaking up sunbathing stints with a swim in the pool. Many hotels also offer daily activities such as water aerobics or pool volleyball. Get involved – your spine will thank you for it and you’ll have a load of fun along the way.

Enjoy your holidays!