How do you know if you need chiropractic care? Our London Chiropractor offers this advice

As leading London chiropractors we see a lot of different people come through our doors. They all have one thing in common of course and that is some form of pain.

A lot of patients come in after suffering pain for a while whilst some come in at an earlier stage. What that tells us is that it’s hard to know if you need chiropractic care. We’d like to answer that question.

How will you know if you need chiropractic care?

As said above, pain is usually what brings a person to us. The problem with this is it usually means the person has been suffering for a while and the amount of treatment they need might be a lot more than if they came in earlier.

You can avoid this by being aware of your body. If you feel twinges, stiffness or maybe pins and needles quite often something might not be right. If you have poor posture and you get headaches a lot you might have a problem with the spine.

As leading London chiropractors we’re aware that some of the signs above might be quite small and easy to ignore but they are probably the early signs of a problem. Get it sorted and go visit a chiropractor.

It foesnt matter how big or small you think the problem is, we’re here to help. Take one of our patient’s word for it;

“I started visiting Andy’s clinic last month in search of a better posture as a result of persistent neck pain and I’m happy to say it’s much better already! Andy was quick to determine the cause of the problem during the initial (free!) consultation and explained clearly how to tackle it in the easy, friendly way he has.

I booked a further four sessions, which I’ve found beneficial, and have come away armed with stretches and exercises to help continue the progress he’s set into motion. Thanks so much, Andy!”

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