If Life’s a Bit of a Headache then our London Chiropractor Could Help!

Headaches… some of us complain about them so often that they’ve almost become a daily grumble. Our desk drawers and medicine cupboards are stuffed with ‘headache pills’ and our first thought when we experience an achy head is usually to reach for over the counter pain relief. As a nation of headache sufferers, we seldom seek to look at the cause of our pain.

But we should, advises our leading London chiropractor – because the cause almost always opens the door to a solution.

The majority of headache sufferers experience one or two types of headache: cervicogenic headaches and migraine and tension headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches are usually caused by either irritated joints, irritation in the neck or muscles spasms. Migraine and tension headaches usually result from the nervous system; sometimes causing severe pain, nausea, sickness, dizziness and sensory changes.

Our experienced London chiropractors are experienced in treating both types of headache.

Don’t accept pain as part of your life – there is often a positive alternative.