In Pain? How long have you been suffering?

Chiropractic treatmentOur London chiropractors at MotionBack treat patients on a daily basis who are in pain. Common conditions that our patients present with include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Sports injuries
  • Poor posture
  • And other conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.


Whilst for many patients the conditions they seek treatment for have occurred in the past few weeks or days leading up to visiting our London chiropractic clinic, there are a surprising number of patients who have been suffering pain for months and even years.


I have my life back! After many years of suffering from a severe back pain and sciatica, that was already affecting my work, I now have my life back! After only 2 sessions I started feeling 75% improvement and now with a few more sessions I can say that It is only getting better! It has not only improved my back but also my sleep, vertigo and my overall state of mind! Thank you Marco, I am so grateful for the work you do.” Marta F (5-Star Google Review)


Suffering pain on an ongoing basis is debilitating and can significantly impact the quality of a person’s life.

If you have been suffering pain for a long period, it may well be affecting the quality of your life. You may well have tried seeking help from your GP or other healthcare professionals. You may be taking medications that are having little or no effect or are causing other problems and are at your wits end to find a solution. You may have even given up hope that there is a solution to getting your life back.

If this is you, then visiting our London chiropractors may be the answer.


I went to see Andy following a few months of upper back and neck pain which was causing severe migraines. After about 5 treatments, the tightness and pain was gone and it was so wonderful to feel such relief after so many months! Andy is very professional, extremely skilful at what he does and very good at putting his client at ease with his gentle and reassuring manner. A lovely person and a top chiropractor! Thank you Andy.” Imen (5-Star Google Review)


How can our London chiropractors help you?

For over a decade, MotionBack has successfully treated 1,000s of patients helping them find relief from musculoskeletal problems including:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Posture
  • Shoulder & Arm
  • Leg & Knee
  • Headaches & Migraines

Our chiropractors use techniques that are based on current medical research, ‘best practice’ and clinical experience to ensure that all our patients receive the most effective care.


I had a really good experience at Motionback. I’ve had back issues for many years now (and have seen many different chiropractors). But Marco was excellent and helped me significantly. He was patient and talked me through his approach and treated me exceptionally. I am very happy with the treatment I received.” Rachna N (5-Star Google Review)


Our chiropractors aim to identify and fix the cause of the problem

Our chiropractors work on the premise that instead of just treating symptoms it is necessary to aim to identify and fix the cause of the problem to prevent ongoing pain and future episodes occurring.

On your first visit to the clinic you will receive a comprehensive consultation and examination. Your consultation will include a full case history relating to the main complaint and any other issues you may wish to discuss. Having gathered the necessary information, your chiropractor will carry out a full physical examination to test the nerves, joints and muscles.

If no further tests are required, your chiropractor will explain:

  • the problem in detail
  • how to get rid of it
  • how long it will take
  • how to stop it.

Every patient and their condition is unique and your treatment will be specific to your needs.

Our chiropractors are ethical, straight-forward and they care. We do not offer rushed in/out 10 minute appointments and there is definitely no sales pitch.


I have been to a few chiropractors in an effort to solve chronic tension and Andy is by far the best. I always look forward to our appointments as he is so lovely, warm and welcoming and has really helped me with the daily chronic headaches and migraines (not to mention the emotional side effects I’ve had as a result) that I’ve experienced for over 3 years- he’s a life saver!! Couldn’t recommend him enough 🙂” Rhyannon J (5-Star Google Review)


After a bad lower back injury, I decided it was time to see a chiropractor and booked myself in with Marco. So far, I have had two sessions – both of which have been really helpful. Particularly the follow up exercises which I was advised to do which have made a difference. Marco has been very pragmatic, straightforward and professional with the service – and has demonstrated a good understanding of my lower back issues. I also appreciate that he hasn’t requested unnecessary appointments – and only as many as I need. Would recommend Marco for anyone with lower back issues in particular!” Siraj M (5-Star Google Review)


I have had several sessions with Andy at MotionBack Chiropractors. He has been of tremendous help with my shoulder and neck pain. I have been suffering from cluster headaches for years and I have found the techniques and methods used in the clinic to be very straight forward and aim to deliver almost instant relief. Very comforting and welcoming environment you feel cared for and the staff are really helpful. Andy J. is extremely knowledgeable and an exceptional professional. Also the prices are budget friendly. Great experience – recommend 100%. One of the best places in London to ease your pain.” Dimo D (5-Star Google Review)


Visiting our London Chiropractors at MotionBack

Our chiropractors at MotionBack are here to help take you from pain or dysfunction to mobility and beyond.

If you are looking for friendly, professional and effective treatment in central London which will enable you to achieve and maintain your health goals then get in touch with us today.

Call us on 0207 112 5408 or book an appointment online on our website here. 


An old sports injury began acting up over the years and I was fortunate to get an appointment with Marco quickly! He was kind and patiently explained what the root of the problem was and treated me accordingly. I was sore for the rest of that day but found myself more nimble the next day. I’m still working towards getting back to my regular mobility but I have experienced milestone improvements every time I see him. I would definitely recommend working with Marco 🙂” Tish K (5-Star Google Review)


After 5 years of lower back pain just 1 session with Andy with a follow up and pain is gone. I highly recommend going to Andy very knowledgeable and professional” Sami K (5-Star Google Review)


I had issues with my upper back for a long time, he fixed it very quickly and efficiently. He is always professional. Highly recommended” Chiara C (5-Star Google Review)