In your thirties and male – watch your back advises our London chiropractor

Sorry men in your 30’s, we have some bad news for you, you probably have some back pain coming your way. It seems that modern life for the man in his mid to late 30’s can be challenging on your back

As a leading London Chiropractor we know that this is the case and are aware that picking up your kids, mowing the lawn or doing a bit of DIY can cause you problems. We are able to help of course, but first a closer look at the problems you can end up facing.

Problems men in their late 30’s can face

Recent findings from the British Chiropractic Association found that 4 in 5 men in the UK say they currently live with neck or back pain or have suffered from it in the past. That is particularly staggering with an equally as bad 25% of men feeling the pain every day.

This is often down to moving heavy objects but it could also be down to a lack of activity and strengthening of the back.  The same organisation claims that the average age men start facing regular back and neck pain is at 37.

Back pain as most you will be aware is not pleasant and it can really place a hindrance on your life.

How to get through your day pain free

So back pain is quite common but it doesn’t mean it is unavoidable. Far from it and as leading London Chiropractors we can help you avoid it. We have a few simple pieces of advice that if you follow, should see you live your days free of back and neck pain;

When lifting weights – You should keep the weight as close to you as possible to reduce the strain on your neck and back. You should left with your legs and not your torso and be careful when putting the heavy object down; this can cause as many injuries as lifting it up.

Sit up straight – Whether you’re driving, watching TV or playing on your phone make sure you are sat appropriately. Don’t slouch; it will cause a lot of pain over long periods of time.

Keep building strength – It is important to keep your back and neck strong. Make sure you’re exercising often and strengthening the muscles in these areas. This is a great way to avoid any injuries when lifting heavy objects.

Keep moving – It is important to remain as active as possible and to keep moving every 30 minutes or so. This will keep the mechanics of your back in good working order.