Is your bag weighing you down asks our London Chiropractor

There are numerous ways in which you can cause back pain. We as leading London chiropractors on a daily basis meet with patients and work out the root cause of their pain. We’re used to it and will often look at ways of preventing the pain in the first place.

The area we want to concentrate on today is bags. This is one of the most common causes of back pains and we want to share some quick advice with you to help you avoid the pain.

Problems caused by carrying bags

If you carry or use a bag on a regular basis (whether you travel a lot, go shopping a lot or take a bag to work) the more likely you are to cause some damage. This is because you will likely slip into bad habits and make some mistakes.

As leading London chiropractors we often advise our patients on how to prevent back pain and we will share some of that advice with you below but before that we want you to understand what damage you can do.

By carrying bags in correctly you can really cause yourself some pain. Whether you’re over stretching, carry all the weight unevenly or carrying too much weight you can pull muscles and even cause long term damage through repetition of your actions. If you carry on for long enough the pain can be quite severe.

So it is important to act now and make some changes.

London chiropractor shares useful advice to look after your back

Keep it light – This is the first and major rule whatever style bag you have, always keep it light. No matter if it is a handbag or a rucksack keep it light and you will avoid most of the problems associated with back pain and carrying bags.

Ignore fashion – We know this can be hard to do but it is really important if you want to avoid back pain. If you know you have a lot to carry around with you why make your life more difficult by using an inappropriate bag? We as leading London Chiropractors always recommend a two strap rucksack if you can.

Push not pull – If you have a wheeled bag well done, but our advice to you is to push it not pull it. This is so you avoid straining your muscles in your back. Also make sure the handle extends long enough so you’re not bending down to reach it.

Carrier bags – If you’re using shopping style carrier bags then it is always better to split the load in to two. As leading London chiropractors we always advise our patients to do this with carrier bags as it better distributes the weight and will be less likely to cause you any damage.

If you want further advice or you are suffering from quite a bit of pain please do get in touch with us, we’d love to help.