Keep your back safe if you’re driving this long weekend with these tips from a London Chiropractor

Bank Holiday weekend, for most people (unless you work in the service industry) a time for enjoyment, relaxation and family reunions.

We all love a good bank holiday weekend whatever we have planned. Whether it’s relaxing, doing some DIY, drinking with friends, visiting family or going on holiday.

For a lot of us our plans will include driving a long distance (to see family or to go on a mini-break) and as a busy London Chiropractor we know how badly all that driving can damage your back.

Driving long distances can leave you in agony

Long hours in the car with your family is not always that enjoyable. A lot of the time you will cramp yourself in with all your baggage and equipment and head off on the road just to get it done. You may have checked your oil and water levels and the general safety of the car before leaving but it is unlikely you will have you ever checked the safety of the driving position before.

As a leading London chiropractor we can’t stress highly enough the importance of sorting out the driving position so that your posture is correct. If you’re not sitting right and in the car for hours, it could lead to a very achy driver in large amounts of pain.

Leading London Chiropractor shares the methods needed to prevent the back pain and enjoy your time away

Luckily, despite how badly poor posture whilst driving long distances can cause you large amounts of back and neck pain, the solution is simple. Get your seating position right. Here are some tips to help you do this;

  • To have the best seating position, your hips should be higher than your knees
  • The seat back should be set at slightly backwards so that when your hands are on the wheel there will be a slight bend in your elbow,
  • You need to make sure your seat belt is at the right height – it should be neither rubbing your neck nor falling down your arm
  • The headrest should be at the right height to support your head,
  • Wear the correct footwear; this will avoid you over extending your ankles (try to avoid boots and heels)

If you follow the tips above you will get the correct seating position and along with staying hydrated and regular breaks should see you avoid any serious back pain over the bank holiday weekend.