Keep Your Spine Healthy This Winter With Advice From Our London Chiropractor

winter spine health advice from our london chiropractorThe nights are closing in, mornings are darker, and temperatures are dropping. Welcome to winter in the UK.

At this time of the year, it is not uncommon for our chiropractors at our chiropractic clinic in London to hear patients mention that they seem to have more issues with their spine during the winter months. These issues include increased stiffness, reduced mobility and greater levels of pain.

Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to keep your spine healthy during the winter months and avoid these kinds of problems. In this post, our London chiropractor explains why the winter months can be challenging on the spine. The post also includes advice on maintaining a healthy spine during the winter.


Winter and your spine – advice from our London chiropractor

There are several reasons why the winter months can negatively impact your spinal health. Here are a few key reasons:

Many people are less physically active during winter

Staying inside and sitting on the sofa can be a lot more appealing than getting out and staying physically active during the winter months. Even for the most active of people, keeping up an exercise regime can be challenging at this time of the year.

However, staying active and reducing sitting hours is important for maintaining a healthy spine.


Cold temperatures can increase the risk of back injuries

Muscles and joints are often stiffer when the temperature is colder. Stiffness can increase the risk of an injury involving the vertebrae or spinal discs.

Warming up before undertaking exercise or physical activity is recommended to avoid straining the spine at any time, however, this is even more important when temperatures are low.


Not staying sufficiently hydrated

Many people tend to drink less water during the winter months.

Staying sufficiently hydrated is important for good overall health and that includes the health of the spine. Spinal discs that are responsible for providing shock absorption and cushioning for the spine’s vertebrae are fluid-filled sacs that are around 75% water. Fluid is lost throughout the day from these discs.

Back pain and spinal problems can occur if the spine is not sufficiently hydrated. Therefore, it is important to keep your fluid intake up to keep your spine healthy.


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Improving The Health Of Your Spine During Winter

Incorporate exercise and stretching into your day

There are so many benefits of staying active and taking regular exercise for maintaining overall good health. It is just as important for spinal health. This does not mean the exercise has to be strenuous or involve expensive gym membership! In fact, one of the best forms of exercise that can be incorporated into your day is to walk.

Stretching is also an important activity to keep your spine in good health. Stretching can relieve stiffness and reduce back pain. Incorporate some stretches when you get out of bed in the morning and throughout the day.

If you are planning on undertaking any strenuous physical activity, it is recommended that you warm and stretch beforehand.

NOTE: Seek advice from a medical professional prior to commencing any new form of exercise or stretching routine, especially if you suffer from a pre-existing health condition.


Avoid sitting for prolonged periods

Today’s lifestyle sees more of us spending long times sitting during the day either at desks, in cars or at home on the sofa. Sitting for extended periods is detrimental to overall health and to the spine.

Minimising your overall sitting time by standing regularly and moving around can help reduce the impact on your spine.


Stay hydrated

Keep up your water intake up during the winter months. This is especially the case if you are including regular exercising into your daily return.


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