Do You Know Your Back Pain Triggers?

If you suffer from chronic back pain, it’s crucial that you to recognise what triggers your symptoms. Knowing what could potentially worsen your back condition will enable you to better manage your pain. So here are three common back pain triggers, according to our London chiropractor.

Lifting Incorrectly

Bending in the wrong position can trigger muscle spasms. To minimise the risk of back strain, make sure you bend at your knees when you pick something up.

Emotional Stress

There is a strong link between back pain and emotional trauma. Prolonged or frequent stress and anxiety can make you more susceptible to developing muscle tension and pain.

Bad Sleep Habits

Poor sleep habits, or a lack of recuperative sleep means that your muscles won’t have enough time to recover following a day of activity. Sleeping in awkward positions or on an old mattress can also result in back pain and stiffness.

Become familiar with your pain triggers. Knowing what aggravates your back pain is a big step to successfully managing your condition