Leading London Chiropractor Says, “Stay Calm This Christmas and Avoid Neck Pain!”

As a reputable London chiropractor, our team regularly treat patients who are suffering from neck pain as a result of anxiety or stress. A problem that often results in the neck feeling tense, tight, stiff and sore, many of the patients who visit our team of chiropractors greatly underestimate the effect that stress and tension can have on the neck.

Our leading chiropractor in London warns that when we’re stressed, we tend to hold our shoulders in a raised position which causes the muscles in the neck and shoulders to become shortened and tight. As a result, these muscles become strained, particularly at the tendons where they join the back of the skull. Some patients who visit our clinic report symptoms in the neck only while others also experience symptoms in the shoulders, the back of the head and sometimes at other referred areas throughout the body.

Remember to stay calm and relaxed this Christmas – other wise it could end up to be a pain in the neck!