Life Can Be Hard On Mums’ Backs

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us and we’re sure here at MotionBack most mums will receive some rightly deserved treats or pampering on the day. As we approach Mother’s Day our London chiropractor has some timely advice for mums to keep their backs safe and avoid back injuries and back pain.

Life as a mum, especially one of babies or young children, can put a lot of pressure on backs. Babies and toddlers go hand in hand with lifting and carrying and it’s astonishing how much stuff there is to lug around with them!

Carrying Babies:

When carrying your baby remember to keep them as close as possible to your centre of gravity and as close to your body  as possible. Remember to keep your spine straight.

Using a carrier/sling is a good option for carrying your baby. To ensure your baby’s weight is distributed evenly selecting a carries that has a ‘criss-cross’ strap arrangement across your back is best.

Carrying Toddlers:

If you have to carry your toddler a long way then a backpack carrier is a good option. A backpack carrier should ensure that your toddlers weight is distributed evenly across your back. Adjust the shoulder straps and waist straps to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed.

Of course as your little one gets older, encourage them to do and more for themselves!

It’s not uncommon for mums to suffer back pain for all kinds of reasons. If you are suffering back pain then don’t hesitate to get in touch.