Looking For a Stress-Busting Hobby? Our London Chiropractor Suggests Pottery!

This month the BBC premiered The Great Pottery Throw Down; a series created by the team behind the massive success of The Great British Bake Off. Millions of viewers have been tuning in to watch amateur potters turn their hobbies into a competitive sport; and our London chiropractor backs the pastime as an effective stress-buster!

Pottery has a reputation for being extremely therapeutic and taking measures to reduce stress can play a significant role in helping to prevent and manage muscle pain. Our experienced chiropractor in London warns that prolonged stress and tension can produce very real physical pain that many patients often put down to other causes. When we are stressed, our bodies create hormones that cause tension in the muscles and heighten our sensitivity to pain.

Our team of renowned London chiropractors advise that any safe activity that promotes relaxation can be an effective way to prevent and control back and neck pain.

Who would have thought that moulding pots would have such great health benefits?!