Love Fishing? Don’t Get Caught Up in Back Pain.

Think your fishing hobby is safe on your spine? You may need to think again! With National Fishing Month underway (22nd July to 29th August), our London chiropractor warns that fishing fanatics could be putting their spines at unnecessary risk of damage. And it’s not all to do with sitting down for too long!

Here our chiropractor reveals two unlikely tips that could help to protect your spine as you go out for the catch this summer:

Ditch the Boat Shoes

Boat shoes or flip flops may seem like an ideal choice of footwear for a day out on the water, but these kinds of shoes provide zero cushioning and very little support. Head to the jogging section of the shoe department – running shoes will provide the support you need to help protect your spine.

Engage in Morning Stretching

Stretching for just five minutes before you set out for a day of fishing will loosen up your muscles and help to prevent excess muscle strain.

Protect your back. Prolong your passion. It’s as simple as that.